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Temporary Foreign Worker Program authorises a foreign national to work temporarily in Canada. In most instances work permits will only be issued after the employer gets the Positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) issued by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

The TFWP program is made up of four streams:

  1. high-skilled workers,

  2. low-skilled workers,

  3. the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program,

  4. and the Live-In Caregiver Program.

The ESDC will consider the following factors before issuing a Positive LMIA:

  1. whether the work is likely to fill a labour shortage;

  2. whether the wages and working conditions offered are sufficient to attract Canadians to do the job;

  3. whether the employer has tried to hire or train Canadians for the position;

  4. whether the work is likely to result in job creation or job retention for Canadians;

  5. whether the work is likely to result in the transfer of skills and knowledge to Canadians; and

  6. whether employing a foreign worker would likely affect any labour dispute in progress.

Once ESDC grants Positive LMIA, the foreign national needs to apply for a work permit at a visa office in his/her country, or, if the foreign national is a U.S. citizen, at a port of Entry. Once the Visa Officer is satisfied that the foreign national has all of the necessary documents, he/she will receive Work Permit.

It is important to mention that the work permit authorises the foreign national to work only for the employer named on the employment authorisation issued to him/her. However, due to any reasons, if foreign worker wishes to change the employer, he must apply for a new employment authorisation.

Immigration option for Foreign Workers:

There are different programs available for the Temporary foreign worker to Immigrate to Canada permanently such as Canadian experience Class, Provincial Nominee Program, Federal Skilled Trades Class and Federal skilled worker Class.

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